Developers, you make the modern world happen. Find exciting projects with the flexibility to work at the time and place of your choosing.

Microgigs gives you the flexibility to work on the projects that you like, at your preferred time and location. We also help you avoid the bidding wars. We find projects that best fit your talent, your preferences and your preferred rates. Apply below to get qualified and land exciting projects in your inbox.

What happens next 👇

1. Screening

We will screen your profile based on the information provided. You may have to go through a small vetting process, depending on your profile.

2. Land Projects

After you have qualified our vetting process, we will drop amazing projects for you directly into your Inbox, matching your skills and experience.

3. Project management

We are here to help with the project management. We will ensure the deliverables are clearly outlined and all your queries are answered.

Flexibility, Freedom, Timely Payment. We value that. We make it happen.

Finding projects that interest you, clients that you enjoy working with, and being able to choose your preferred time and location - shouldn't be too hard in todays world. We know Remote works. We know async works. We combine all this to help you find fulfilling gigs. Once you have qualified through our screening process, we will keep sending exciting projects directly to your inbox. You could review them and decide whether to accept the gig or not. And once you have accepted the gig, we also oversee the project to avoid complicated situations and communication lapses later on. Your timely payments, depending on the terms you sign-off on will be guaranteed through Microgigs.

Why work with Microgigs 😎

⚔️ Avoid bidding wars

We avoid the incessant bidding wars, which eventually leads to a race to bottom. We aim to get you projects based on your skillsets, hourly rates and preferences.

📚 Project Management

Microgigs helps navigate the complex sticky situations. We create project plans and deliverables, so that there is clarity for everyone involved.

💪 Flexibility

Find your perfect tech project with us! Whether you're after exciting gigs, part-time, or full-time roles, we've got you covered.