How it works 👇

1. Describe your project in natural text language ➡️
2. Review and modify features as required ➡️
3. User-personas: review, or modify as per your use-case ➡️
4. Preview wireframes. Describe and suggest changes ➡️
6. Watch the backend & frontend tickets get generated ➡️
7. Auto generated project codebase. 70-80% accuracy.

From Idea to Production.
Using natural language.

Describe what you are building. We will get you all the way from your idea to a deployed product. In weeks. Maybe in days.

Instant Requirements Analysis

The most overlooked, but most important aspect of product development.

Punch in your idea. Tweak, add, or remove features to see real-time adjustments in cost and timeline.

Visualize with instant wireframes so you know exactly how your product will shape up.

Features, Personas, Wireframes and developer tickets.
Our tool supports multiple iterations. You can describe or adjust features simply by stating your needs. If you're unsure, reach out to us on Discord or send us an email. We'll immediately arrange a call with you at no cost.

AI Project Management

We admit that AI isn't perfect. Some tasks still need a human touch. That's why our AI project manager collaborates with real people, ensuring you're not constantly checking for updates and ETAs.

Daily updates and follow ups.
You can choose to bring in your own development team or select experts from our network. We'll handle the management for you.

Predictable Pricing

No hidden charges or surprises. We offer a fixed monthly rate for our AI tool. There are additional hourly charges for the time if you opt to collaborate with our developers. (psst: you can also bring your own team on board).

Iterate features, wireframes & code as many times as you like.
We offer developer rates at cost, for ease. Our AI code-generation will handle most of the development tasks. Human input will only be necessary for custom tasks or sections that AI can't tackle currently.

Microgigs Advantage 😎

Tech Experience Optional

Dive into the digital realm effortlessly. Plug in your idea, and we'll translate it into the tech lingo. No expertise required. We bridge the gap between your vision and a tangible product.

Speed Like Never Before

Every minute counts in the startup world. With our AI-driven processes, your MVP transforms from idea to reality in weeks. No more long waits. Your ambitions deserve a fast lane.

No "No-Code" Constraints

While no-code platforms excel in some areas, we provide real, adaptable code for limitless customization. Got an in-house team? We're on board.


Realize your dream without breaking the bank. By automating intense tasks, we ensure top-tier results at a fraction of traditional costs. Your growth and wallet, both taken care of.

Affordable Plans Based on Your Needs

Whether you just need our requirements analysis tool, or our entire service suite all the way to code generator, we got your covered.


For a single project and basic requirements analysis. Walk away with a PRD (Product Requirement Document).

  • AI assisted scoping - features, personas and time-estimate
  • Limited feature editing
  • Wireframes for quick preview
  • Developer Task Generation
  • Automated Project Management
$99 Per Month

Up to three projects. Detailed requirements analysis, developer tickets.

  • Everything in Free Plan
  • Unlimited feature editing
  • Expert Support (1 hour onboarding + ad hoc)
  • Collaboration with team
  • Priority customer support
$999 Per Month

Access to our AI code-generation, helping you cut down on cost and time up to 50%. Cloud & hosting setup.

  • Everything in $99 plan
  • AI generated code
  • 10 hours of expert support
  • CICD & Cloud setup
  • Source qualified developers from our network

+ Hourly rates if you decide to work with developers from our network.